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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Iranian Women's Rights Demonstration

I have sent the following letter to my U.S. Senators. I have also contacted the CNN News Tip's Web Site regarding this story and sent them the links listed below. I urge my readers to also contact CNN or your preferred media outlet. I think it is very important that this story receive as much international news coverage as possible.

Dear Senator,

Yesterday, June 12, 2006, there was a peaceful demonstration in Tehran, Iran by women who are seeking greater freedoms, equal rights, and equal protections under the law. This demonstration was brutally repressed by the Iranian police and many women were beaten and arrested. I believe that non-violent resistance by Iranians in Iran is the best way to bring about positive changes in Iran's government. Could you please do whatever you can to help support and promote groups within Iran who are seeking change through non-violent resistance? Also, could you please contact the Iranian government and urge them to release the arrested demonstrators? Thank you very much for your help and consideration!

Here are links to two excellent blog posts by two of Iran's most famous bloggers that describe the June 12 event. Please have a look at the excellent pictures of the demonstration and its repression in the posts: